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Discord Plans to Incorporate AI Into Its Chatbots

Published on March 17, 2023

Discord plans to publish a ChatGPT-powered chatbot named ¡°Clyde¡± soon. AutoMod, which is an automatic moderation tool, will also be updated to include AI-powered features, enabling it to examine conversations and enforce server rules.


Once made available site-wide, Clyde will be able to be addressed by a ¡°@clyde¡± tag in a chat channel, and you can ask Clyde private queries, let it answer questions in a public setting, along with other interesting features. Discord¡¯s AutoMod capabilities are to be enhanced with AI to better filter out conversations that the admins don¡¯t like. If the moderators don¡¯t want people talking negatively about bananas, for example, they could use this feature to set a more specific rule instead of straight out banning the keywords ¡°bananas¡± and ¡°bad¡±.


Using AI, Discord also hopes to add a ¡°conversation summary¡± feature, which sorts conversations into different topics to allow newcomers to understand what¡¯s going on more easily.