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Sony Releases New Beta Updates For The PlayStation 5

Published on August 4, 2023
A look at the Sony PlayStation 5

On July 31, Sony announced a new system software release for invited participants that added multiple features to the Playstation 5 gaming console.

You can configure the assist controller in the Settings Menu

Some notable new features and improvements that came with this new beta release include using a second controller as an "assist controller", and using two controllers to operate the console "as if you were using a single controller".

Dolby Atmos can be turned on in the Settings Menu as well

In addition, the new update added support for Dolby Atmos for devices connected via HDMI such as soundbars or TVs. Support for high-capacity solid state drives were also improved, and the PS5 can now support M.2 SSDs with up to 8 TB of capacity, compared to the previous limit of 4 TB.