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ASUS and Intel Agrees To Develop NUC Systems Together

Published on July 21, 2023

Intel has recently announced that it would partner with ASUS to ¡°manufacture, sell and support the Next Unit of Compute (NUC) 10th to 13th generations systems product line, and to develop future NUC systems designs.¡±

NUC, or ¡°Next Unit of Computing¡±, is a brand name for Intel's mini PCs designed for ¡°businesses, students, educators and DIYers¡±. Most of them don't have discrete graphics solutions, and are mainly designed for office work.

A look at a typical Intel NUC system

This partnership enables ASUS to manufacture and sell Intel NUC systems, as well as ¡°develop future designs.¡± In addition, ASUS also plans to establish a new division called ¡°ASUS NUC BU¡±.