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Nintendo Issues DMCA Takedown To Github

Published on May 12, 2023

Recently, Nintendo has issued ¡°multiple DMCA takedown requests¡± to GitHub over tools that may be helpful for, for instance, emulating Nintendo Consoles.

According to a Tweet by user ¡°Simon Aarons¡±, Nintendo¡¯s filed multiple DMCA takedown requests, including a tool called Lockpick, which ¡°extract unique keys from their Nintendo Switch console, which are necessary for several Switch homebrew applications, such as the Ryujinx and Yuzu Switch emulators.¡±

Simon Aarons' Tweet

Following the takedown of such tools on Github, developments for some emulators that rely on Lockpick, such as Skyline Emulator, ceased to continue, fearing further legal trouble coming from Nintendo.

The Official Website For The Skyline Emulator Saying Development Is Halted