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China¡¯s Mars Rover Found Evidence Of Water At Low Latitudes On Mars

Published on May 5, 2023

According to a study led by Professor Xiaoguang Qin from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, evidence of liquid water at low latitudes on Mars was found, which may open a possibility for a potentially habitable environment.

A selfie taken by the Zhurong rover alongside its landing platform, captured with a wireless camera. Credit: Chinese National Space Administration

Previous studies have indicated that a large amount of water existed in very early days, but the climate changed drastically as a result of an escape of the atmosphere later. It was widely believed that water could only exist in solid or gaseous forms on Mars nowadays.

However, earlier probes sent to Mars have confirmed liquid water to exist at ¡°current high latitudes¡± in the summer. It wasn¡¯t until now, however, that evidence of liquid water at low latitudes on Mars was also spotted, filling the gap.

A Martian sand dune imaged by China's Zhurong rover before it entered hibernation in May 2022. (Image credit: CNSA/PEC)

The discovery was ¡°important for understanding the evolutionary history of the Martian climate, looking for a habitable environment, and providing key clues for the future search for life¡±, said Professor Qin.


Chinese National Space Administration